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JOOL Health is a new digital health solution company integrating the science of purpose, advanced mobile technology, and big data analytics to help employers, health plans, and health systems improve their populations’ health engagement and overall well-being through sustainable behavior change.

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Watch our two-minute overview animation: JOOL and You.

HERO Forum

Vic will be speaking at this year’s University Summit on September 11th and at the Forum on the 12th-14th in Phoenix.

Conscious Company

Check out Vic's recent, wide-ranging interview with this enlightening business publication. Purpose in the workplace? Yes, now more than ever.

"Plant Yourself" Podcast

Vic Strecher talks with Howard Jacobson about all things purpose. Enjoy their wide-ranging exploration of the intersection of life, health, and purpose.


This Is The Application – A new manifesto of well-being written and performed by poet Sekou Andrews

Purpose is the point that gives life exclamation.
This is more than just the theory of purpose.
This is the application.

Sekou Andrews on JOOL Health