What Is JOOL?

JOOL brings together new scientific insights and proven behavior change strategies and combines them with groundbreaking approaches to big data acquisition, analysis, and predictive modeling to create a powerful, personalized tool for promoting improved health and well-being.


JOOL is a purpose-driven solution for promoting healthy change

It’s the first and only mobile health solution that helps individuals:


their life purpose


how well they are living by it


the energy and willpower they need to pursue it

Improve key health behaviors that support a purposeful life:






The JOOL solution is a one-of-a-kind health platform. It’s a powerful correlation and prediction engine for self-discovery. And a witty and responsive health coach delivering daily, personalized behavioral health tips to its users.

JOOL also works as a goal-setting and monitoring companion. Part personal philosopher, psychologist, and lab assistant, JOOL is a remarkable tool promoting self-knowledge and positive, insight-driven change. And it does all this within a visually rich and interactive context that helps users achieve a unique personal perspective and sense of control over what drives their daily health behaviors.

How JOOL Helps

JOOL motivates people to change their behavior — and their lives — by activating an intrinsic desire for greater purpose and fulfillment in life. With JOOL, people experience a renewed internal drive to live healthier lives in order to more effectively pursue what matters to them most.

For Individuals, JOOL helps by:

  • Improving energy and willpower
  • Improving sleep, presence, activity, creativity, and eating behaviors
  • Increasing resiliency and confidence
  • Improving self-care and decision-making
  • Promoting healthy, purpose-driven living

For Organizations, JOOL offers unique and actionable population-based insights by:

  • Providing a modern, highly configurable way to capture quarterly health risk data
  • Improving long-term program engagement and positive behavior change
  • Facilitating better program investment decisions
  • Helping create a vibrant, optimized culture via powerful aggregated and prescriptive insights