The JOOL Platform

An Organizational Insights Dashboard

Turn Data into Knowledge...

JOOL Vibe is a groundbreaking organizational performance dashboard that uses JOOL’s data to provide unprecedented insights into the cultural pulse and performance of your organization as a whole. Data on historical trends, weekly usage, participation rate, engagement, and key outcomes are all easily accessible, actionable, and downloadable. The valuable intelligence JOOL Vibe delivers for HR, key stakeholders, and program administrators can be used to make impactful data-based decisions on high value issue.

All user data is completely anonymous and de-identified.

JOOL Vibe shows you the factors with the greatest impact on your workforce’s energy and willpower.

...and Knowledge into Insights

In addition to well-being behaviors, JOOL captures user data on numerous other factors and personalized outcomes to understand individualized influences on energy and willpower. JOOL Vibe users are able to analyze this population level data in order to validate and modify initiatives to achieve enhanced performance. Other solutions in the market fail to capitalize on these unique insights into the broader context for users’ behaviors. To recreate the aggregate dataset and insights JOOL Vibe routinely delivers, an organization would have to integrate multiple tools.

The JOOL Vibe Dashboard In Action

JOOL has developed a single solution that:

Can assess the well-being of a population in real-time

Brings value and insight to organizational development efforts (from culture to morale)

Is a powerful communications hub for delivering highly tailored well-being information

Can serve as a stand alone or supporting engagement platform

A powerful source of information and insight to:

Better predict employee burnout

Explore what matters most to your population at home, at work, personally, and in your community

Understand how aligned organizational departments are with their work purposes

Explore creativity levels by department or location and compare with existing productivity measures

Determine which day of the week or month is best for launching a bold new organizational initiative

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