What JOOL Means To JOOL



In early May, six eager interns emerged from a pile of textbooks at the University of Michigan to climb the stairs of the Argus Building on the west side of town and start their Journey at JOOL Health. Ann Arbor’s Old West Side is quite different than the collegiate campus we’re used to, and the quaint, peaceful neighborhood seems to match with the vibe of the company.

JOOL Health’s office is appropriately located in the heart of town and occupies space in a revitalized camera factory. Just as the historical neighborhood and building are refilled with young energy, JOOL Health is taking a modern and applied approach to a historical theory of purpose’s place in preventative health. While Aristotle may have posed the ancient question: What is the ultimate purpose of human activity?, JOOL Health is helping people find their own answers through big data and a powerful, new platform for improved well-being.

So, what exactly is JOOL, you ask? We interns were excited to learn about that too. Prepared with the understanding that “purpose is the point” — we were eager to dive deeper and see the impact that JOOL has had on users’ ability to discover and work toward their purposes. And what better place to start than within JOOL Health itself? As a way of getting to know our new co-workers and introduce ourselves, we approached the team with the question, “What does JOOL mean to you?”

The JOOL Health team is small but mighty, and with their complementary skills and backgrounds we were sure we’d get a well-rounded perspective. In fact, our coworkers shared a variety of thoughtful, personal explanations and we wanted to share them with you:

“JOOL is your digital companion for purposeful living. It helps you find your purpose, stay on course, and become the person who can fulfill it.”

“JOOL is a tool for greater awareness, a window into perspectives that you are otherwise blind to. It is technology meeting purpose, focus, and health to empower individuals and leaders to make effective change in their lives and organizations.”

“JOOL is a way for me to improve my willpower and energy through insight into the factors that affect me most. JOOL has helped me become more productive and more engaged in multiple aspects of my life!”

“JOOL is a colorful, fun, and easy-to-use tool that helps keep me aligned with my purpose. JOOL allows me to stop and consider my day, so I can be mindful of how well I did in some areas of my well-being, and what needs a little more attention.”

“JOOL is an app that helps people find, align with, and follow their life’s purpose to live a more fulfilled life.”

“JOOL is a whimsical app that allows users to define their purpose and track their alignment with that purpose over time. The insights gained from using JOOL have encouraged me to be more present in my daily life — and for the first time, I have clearer idea of where I aspire to be today, tomorrow, and next year.”

“JOOL is a platform that guides me into taking a deeper look at the different components that shape my day. This reflection helps me understand how I am influenced by my surroundings, what changes I can make to improve my energy and willpower, and how I can lead a more purposeful life.” 

“JOOL is the boat for purpose and better thinking. Not just a way to change your habits around activity but, instead, a total lifestyle immersion for better well-being and purposeful living.”

“JOOL is a personal aid that helps me routinely reflect on what matters most and helps maximize my energy and willpower for a life well lived. A software sherpa for ascending the peaks of purpose.”

“JOOL is a daily digital companion that helps me prioritize and focus on what matters most to me in life. In doing so, it helps reinforce and fuel my desire for, and pursuit of, a physically and mentally vibrant life.”

This exercise beautifully displays how our perspectives on JOOL are as unique as the lives we lead — and the purposes we aspire to. Here at JOOL Health, we connect to each other through a common purpose to provide others with the tools they need to define their own purposes, and to live healthy and fulfilling lives.

Our purpose is intentionally large and ambitious and we will continue to strive for it. The higher we aim, the higher we are more likely to reach. A wise man once said, “The difficulty is not as important as the aspiration of the purpose.”

Already tried JOOL? We’d love to hear what JOOL means to you! Send us a message at

– Danielle Butbul and Jess Sparling (University of Michigan School of Public Health)