How JOOL Works

Life is a voyage. And your body is the boat.

Humans have always loved stories. Pursuing a life’s purpose is story writ large. To live it well—and achieve what you want—you’ll need a sturdy vessel. In JOOL, “Your body is the boat” becomes each user’s daily check-in on their own health, energy, willpower, and resilience; their well-being. JOOL is about making—and tracking—progress over time towards a healthier, more fulfilled life.

The JOOL Journey

JOOL is possibility in a pocket; purpose in a purse. JOOL is a daily reminder of what matters most. And a constant companion on the path to healthy change.

Starting out, users create a JOOL account, complete a simple, streamlined health assessment and then get about the business of embracing serious, self-motivated change. Crafting a multi-faceted life purpose comes next. Drawing on their own most closely held values, users identify and then commit to a powerful direction forward in life. This commitment becomes the motivational touchstone users return to again and again as their daily use of JOOL takes hold.

After 2 days of use, JOOL begins providing tailored messaging based on the initial HRA and ongoing charting. 5 days in, the JOOL goal-setting tool unlocks. 5 days later, each user’s personal model is detailed enough to offer unique and powerful insights into the factors that affect their energy and willpower the most. At 15 days, the My Outlook tool unlocks giving users accurate energy and willpower predictions for the coming day along with tailored tips on how to maximize both.

And that’s just the first two weeks. JOOL is designed to rapidly engage users and then, in short order, deepen that commitment through increased behavioral awareness and positive outcomes.


The JOOL Core User Tool Set

JOOL is built around a growing set of unique, integrated tools designed to engage each user at multiple levels of personal exploration, insight, growth and learning.

JOOL Reach

Helping you maximize participation and engagement. A health program or product is only as good as the number of lives it impacts. JOOL's focus on engaging users' intrinsic desire for positive change affords us a huge advantage in capturing the imagination and participation of diverse populations. But there is still the need to introduce JOOL and encourage initial use. JOOL is habit-forming but every habit takes time to fully develop. To ensure success, JOOL Health has developed a suite of activities, materials, and tools to assist you in driving improved well-being throughout your organization. These include: