Something’s coming. Something good.



JOOL developers, writers, designers, data analysts, and “no rock left unturned” QA staff have been furiously working on the most significant release yet of the JOOL solution. Building on the numerous and notable platform updates of the past 6 months, JOOL 2.0 takes the next big leap forward by delivering enhanced data-driven, behaviorally sustainable, positive, purposeful change for individuals, teams, and organizations.

Here are just a few highlighted JOOL 2.0 features:

  • Streamlined onboarding
  • Initial user-centric focus on “What do you want to work on?”
  • Guided user experience via our dynamic “Things To Do” list (see below)
  • Enhanced life coaching via targeted, Daily JOOL sequences beginning Day One
  • Explore key influencers for all S.P.A.C.E. factors and purpose alignment within What Makes You Tick
  • Tip charting and follow-up to promote positive habit forming
  • Experiential 10-Day reveal of the JOOL behavioral model for maximum user impact
  • Daily journaling to enhance long-term perspective and growth
  • New Deep Dives courseware for Life Balance (July) and JOOL For Teams (coming this fall)

Sneak Peek: The Streamlined JOOL 2.0 Navigator